NewsManatee is no more

On May 7, 2015 the publisher and driving force behind NewsManatee, Michael Quinn passed away. With his passing, will no longer be updated and in time will be gone from the Internet.

Mike Quinn worked every day to report the disheartening side of crime in Manatee and Sarasota counties. In addition he published upbeat stories about local community members and civic leaders. Following and writing local crime stories every day would probably make most people depressed and disgusted with the human race. But not Mike, he believed that sunshine was the best disinfectant; the more people know about what is happening, the more they will demand change. He didn't just moan and complain to his friends, he did something about it.

In thirteen years, beginning in 2002, his efforts to build NewsManatee resulted in millions of webpage views. For Mike, NewsManatee was not about money; it was about reporting the news and informing the public. As Carole Atkins wrote at

No one can take your place in the dedication you showed to the community in reporting the facts every day without any prejudice.

Rest in Peace Michael C. Quinn.